Time Frames (for iPhone and iPod touch)

A multi-phase session timer for: Meditation Sessions, Workout Sessions, Practice Sessions, Therapy Sessions, and more.
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See Spot Sit (for iPhone and iPod touch)

See Spot Sit is a fully customizable, complete dog training tool. See Spot Sit allows you to train your dog, track progress, and much more. No other clicker training app offers the versatility or unique features of this application.
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TakAlign (for iPhone and iPod touch)

TakAlign is a simple utility to help polar align your Takahashi P2-Z, EM-10, NJP or EM-500 mount. It displays an image of the polar scope’s illuminated reticle with the alignment start show in the correct position.
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Jurtle is a simple integrated development environment for learning to program in the Java programming language. Perfect for teaching Java in a high school curriculum, for homeschoolers, or for individuals wanting to learn about programming on their own. With Jurtle you learn to program by writing code that moves a virtual turtle on the computer screen, drawing figures in its wake. 
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Parsnips allows you to easily store and keep track of all the useful bits of information you receive on your computer from various sources. When you encounter a piece of text you want to save and easily locate again, whether e-mail, the web, instant messaging, usenet, or local files, simply drag and drop it onto Parsnips. It will be saved and indexed for later retrieval using a simple yet powerful search engine interface.
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Population Applets

This set of applets teaches you a bit about Exponential and Logistic population growth. They were written several years ago and are presented here because many schools are finding them useful. Feel free to link directly to the sub-pages...