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Jurtle is an integrated programming environment designed for people who want to learn programming in Java but may not have programmed before. It provides a simple yet powerful programming editor coupled with built-in facilities for compiling and running your programs. Unlike most other development environments, no complex configuration is needed in order to use Jurtle. Install it and immediately start running the examples and learning to write them yourself. It can be used by an individual to learn Java on their own, or in a classroom situation to teach java to a group.

Jurtle was initially developed as an aid while teaching an 8th grade programming class. The students found existing development tools too complex and boring to use. As Jurtle was introduced in the class, the students became more engaged and became more successful.

While Jurtle is ideal for high school students and homeschoolers, even adults wanting to learn the basics of programming in Java will find Jurtle a great way to learn.

Learning the full Java language can be a bit overwhelming, however Jurtle provides a gentle introduction to Java. It comes with its own tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know to begin writing basic Java programs. Jurtle starts you out by having you write programs that move a "turtle" on screen, leaving a trail that can create interesting and even beautiful pictures.

(Java + Turtle = Jurtle)

Once the basics of Turtle Graphics programming are mastered, Jurtle can be used to create simple GUI applications, web-based Java applets and text-based console applications.

Jurtle also has built-in links to other more advanced tutorials on the web such as Sun's highly acclaimed Java Tutorials. Jurtle has special features that allow easy importing of the examples used by those and other tutorials.

The latest version of Jurtle even allows you to program the LEGO MindStorms™ robotic system using Java and the LeJOS operating system for the RCX brick. Now you can easily program your Mindstorms robots using the powerful java language.

Jurtle really is the "Java Educational Environment". We hope you enjoy using it while learning Java.

Note: Jurtle will run unlicensed for a 7 day trial period. After 7 days, to continue using Jurtle you will need to purchase a license.