Downloading Parsnips

Parsnips will run unlicensed for 14 days to allow you to evaluate it. All features will be available and it is not crippled in any way. After the 14 day evaluation period, you must purchase a license to continue using Parsnips. All the data you saved during the evaluation period will still be available after licensing the application.


Parsnips requires you have Java 1.4 or higher installed on your computer. If an appropriate Java is not already installed, Parsnips will direct you to Sun's Java web site where you may download the Java installer. After downloading and running this installer, please start Parsnips again.
Parsnips_1.5.exe (1 MB)

Alternatively, you can download a copy of Parsnips that has Java built-in. This will be a larger download, and if you ever install a newer Java on your computer, Parsnips won't take advantage of it.

Mac OS X
Mac OS X comes with Java already installed. You only need to download the Parsnips_1.5.1.dmg disk image, double-click to mount it (if needed) and drag the Parsnips folder to your Applications folder. Note: this new version fixes an incompatibility with Snow Leopard.
Parsnips_1.5.1.dmg (1.5 MB)

Linux (or generic Unix)
Before installing Parsnips on Linux, be sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems. To get the runtime environment, click here and download and execute Sun's online Java installer.

After installing the JRE, download, uncompress it and follow the installation instructions in the README file. (648 KB)