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Snow Leopard Users: A new release 1.5.1 fixes an incompatibility with Snow Leopard.

NOTE: Parsnips is now a free application. After downloading, use the following license string to gain full access to the application:


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If you are like most people, you frequently come across useful bits of information throughout the day while using your computer. They may come from a web site, e-mail, chat sessions, usenet news articles, or just files that you have been sent. Parsnips now gives you a place to store all these bits of useful text and the ability to easily retrieve them later.

With an easy drag and drop interface, Parsnips provides you with a quick storage and retrieval system. Select the text you want to save and drag it into Parsnips, which automatically creates an "item" for the information and saves it for later retrieval.  You can also give the item a title, an associated URL, or assign keywords to it.

By dragging a web site address into Parsnips, the web page will automatically be downloaded and the text will be extracted and saved. Use Parsnips to store your bookmarks.
Later, using Parsnips' powerful search engine (similar to Google's search facility), you can quickly search your personally relevant information to:
  • find all items containing specific words or boolean combinations of words in either the title or the main body of text.
  • find items containing one or more keywords you have attached to them.
  • find all items created in the past day, week, month, year, or any arbitrary range of dates.

Parsnips can also serve as a free-form data base. Simply create an initially blank item and type or paste into it whatever text you wish.

Parsnips will keep track of more than text. Drag and drop any sort of file into Parsnips and it will create an item for the file, recording its location on your computer. You can add keywords for the item or comments about it. You can easily locate and open the file later by searching in the keywords or comments.

Parsnips can export either all or some subset of its items to standard text files.  This means your important information has the freedom to be moved to other applications if you later choose to do so.