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Email from Vicki Brown, San Bruno, CA

I wanted to tell you that I'm impressed, so far, by Parsnips. Under most circumstances, I shudder when I read that an app is written in Java. Most of these seem to break somehow - they don't load, they're complex, they're ugly (they don't look "Mac-like"). Parsnips doesn't suffer from these problems. It's a .app file (so there's a .jar inside somewhere; that's not obvious). It takes advantage of the Aqua "chrome" (can one have "Aqua chrome"? :-) It looks good. In short I cannot tell on launching and first inspection that this is a Java app And, because I think I shouldn't be able to tell, on first inspection, what language an app was written in, that means I think you did a good job with Parsnips.

Email from Tim Bearder, Exmouth, UK
I came across "Parsnips" purely by chance. I did not know that I needed it. I know now! It is in daily use and I am still finding more uses for it. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I congratulate you.

Email from Premal Vora, Muscle Shoals, AL
"I just bought my license for Parsnips...Its one of the first apps that I have come across that has been both immediately essential and perfectly intuitive as well! Keep up the good work!"

Review posted on VersionTracker...
A Nifty New Notetaker
Version: 0.7b, 9/22/2004 03:07PM PST
This program is among the best I've seen in its category, and I should know. I'm a writer, I have lots of files to catalogue and index and keep track of, and I've tried all the major organizers: Jotz, Iorganize, MaMemo, DevonNote, and a couple of deceased programs.
Parsnips fits nicely into this array, a little different from the rest and plugging a gap I didn't quite know was there. Like DevonNote, it sets up a single database, capturing and indexing files independent of the source. (The original file, once indexed, can be removed from its location, cutting down on the number of stray files on your HD.) Several kinds of search criteria are available, including Boolean searches on three categories with user-declared labels.
Input is mainly by way of drag-n-drop, in two forms. (It's especially helpful for sucking up all those textclippings you can't stick anywhere.) All indexed notes -- or your selection -- can be output to a folder with a name of your choice. This improves on programs such as the older HogsBay, which would export everything to only one folder.
Even better, for those with dual allegiances and lots of moldering old Windows files, it has a parallel version for Windows. Since it's a Java-based app, transferring material from Win to Mac (or vice-versa) is a snap. Notes in the identical index folder can work on either platform without any adapation. (Oh yes, and those still using Jaguar should find it nice not to be forced to move on to Panther.)
After playing with it for a week on both platforms, I have yet to find any major problems, even though it's still in beta. In an eventual version 1.0 or 2.0, this should be a killer app. As it is, it's a neat and indispensable product that should be on your hard drive.

Review posted on MacUpdate...
Review by Stu (4 Stars)
Parsnips immediately replaced Stickies and other ad-hock note taking systems I had been using on my PowerBook. Although still in beta, it is quite stable, and the developer is very responsive to feedback -- which is great, because this is the kind of app that may never feel "feature complete." I also apreciate that Parsnips is cross platform.
My only complaint is that it, like many apps written in Java, is somewhat ugly on the Mac. But this is something that the developer hopes to address. (9/20/2004, Version: 0.7b)